Apple has moved from first to fifth place in Laptop Mag's Best and Worst Laptop Brands survey last year. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, and Microsoft all out raterApple's computers.

The company has shown little innovation as time has passed, and the innovation they have had failed rather quickly.

Apple's fall from grace

While the Apple company use to be an innovative brand, very little innovation has passed through the company's door in the past couple of years. The only recent releases from Apple have been minor changes to previous designs. Through the years, Apple has had the same interface.

Between their computers, laptops, and phones, they have all had similar interfaces with little to no changes to them. The most innovative device under Apple's belt is a three-year-old MacBook Pro. The two thousand dollar computer still has a soft keyboard and a power adapter that the company has so far abandoned. The laptops are not the only devices affected by Apple's Fall From Grace, the company's phones have fallen far from grace as well. In the last few quarters, the sales of Apple's laptops and phones have fallen.

Apple has attempted new, innovative, ideas such as the Apple Watch, but they never kick off. What really harms Apple's sales are the values of their products, The company uses the name they own to give products a high price, a very high price.

Their most affordable laptop is a thousand dollars and is now obsolete in our world of technology.

Toms Guide mentions Apple CEO, Tim Cook, says that combining two operating systems would water down one system for the other system, so Cook does not want to move MacBook's macIOS to IOS. Merging the two is thought to be a good idea due to the MacBook having screens that can be flipped, turning the laptop into a tablet-like device.

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Apple may have a hard time rising from the ashes, but they will try their best to innovate new products and create more products that they are proud of and the customers enjoy.

In conclusion

Apple's computers (and perhaps other products) may fade out of existence if they do not try to create more innovative and price-effective products.

Even if their laptops fade out, their tablets and phones will still be on market, as long as they keep innovating the products. Apple is rumored to be releasing a new 13-inch MacBook with a retina display. Will this help Apple get back on top? We will have to wait and find out what happens next, to Apple's company and their products.