How about riding with Mario on Google Maps? It may sound childish, but we have to admit that we all love Mario and none of us is going to let this chance fade away. Google Maps has given people a chance to ride with The World Famous plumber, Mario. Google has done this on the occasion of March 10, which is celebrated as National Mario Day.

Now, do you know why the 10th of March is celebrated as Mario Day? Well, the reason behind this is that March 10 can also be written as Mar 10. Now look keenly on this date, March 10, don’t you think it looks way similar to Mario.

Let’s dig inside the news

We all have seen Google Maps ugly blue navigation turning into Pac – Man in the past and also how can we forget the navigation arrow being turned into the Tie – Fighter while celebrating "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." But this time it is "Mario," and Mario is the Mario. You just can’t compare it with others.

Google announced that Google has partnered with Nintendo so that they can bring the mustachioed Mario to Google Maps. Now while following the route on Google Maps, you can switch between the old and boring navigation arrow and the new and loved Mario on your kart.

The user experience engineer of Google Maps, Mr. Munish Dabas, released a statement through the company’s official blog, where he said that Google knows the fan following of Mario and how we all have daydreamed about collecting gold coins and one – UP mushrooms, and always wanted nothing else than to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, Toad and Yoshi to rescue the Princess Peach.

And to celebrate our mustachioed plumbers special day, which is Mar 10, National Mario Day, we have "collaborated with the Nintendo to let us use the Mario in our Google Maps for this week and to make your driving experience a memorable one."

How can you use this feature?

To use this feature in your Google Maps, the very first thing that is a must is to update your Google Map app and only then will you be able to use it.

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Further steps are given below –

  1. Firstly you have to start the navigation to a particular location, as per your requirements.
  2. Beside to the “Start” button, you will find a “?” icon and it will be the shape of the “? Block”, which we used to see in the Mario series video game
  3. When you tap on that icon, it will give you the option to swap the old navigation arrow to Mario just by selecting the “Let’s – a Go” button. So people have fun using this feature and game on, while 'Mario" is with us