In 2011, the search engine giant introduced the Google Earth. The app was a sure hit as it became useful in all ways, however, the company has failed to keep it in check with the latest advances in technologies and has become to some antiquated. The good news is, just a few days ago, a new version was released.

New version

The latest version of Google Earth is loaded with features. It has 3D imagery, maps, enhanced video content. It gives users the power to visit places from the comfort of their homes. Aside from that, we have a rundown of what you can do with the latest version of the interactive map from the search engine conglomerate.

Wildlife and nature

The latest version introduced the Voyager tab. This contains valuable information about wildlife and nature. The company collaborated with BBC Earth, the World Wildlife Fund, The Ocean Agency, and the Jane Goodall Institute to provide contents for this latest feature. There are also behind-the-scene footages that you can access aside from years of back catalogs from different institutions and agencies.

Users can now select the type of environment that they would like to see including Jungles, Islands, and Mountains contained in the National Treasure series. Users can interactively access it by going to the Voyager icon and selecting Nature.

This is Home

This is a series contained in the new Voyager tab that allows the user to get a closer look at the different traditional homes of people including their culture.

In this recent version, there are five available homes that are available including Reed House, Inuit Igloo, Bedouin tent, Greenlandic Illoq, and Sherpa home.

To access these, the user will simply have to tap on any of these homes and graphical coordinates will be displayed. A brief description of the person and the area will be provided.

There is a satellite view, the street view 360-degree image, and the home itself. The experience is like going into a person's home as a visitor.

Hemmingway's places

The latest version of Google Earth through the Voyager tab also allows users to visit the places Ernest Hemmingway have been to when he wrote his pieces. Locations like Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, Galapagos Island, and other UNESCO World Heritage sites can be visited through a virtual tour.

There is also the application integrated with the newest version of Earth called Trips. This is helpful in planning your vacations and trips. Google Earth is now accessible through VR for those who want to fully emerge themselves in discovering the planet. With the VR users can visit featured places and tour the planet in a cinematic way. One interesting feature about the VR on the app is that users can change the position of the sun to change the time.