The Save your parking feature introduced in Google Maps' beta version was removed by the company in March. However, the feature was still under development and needed some improvements as well. On April 25, Google confirmed that the feature will now be available for all Android and iOS users.

With the latest feature, users will be able to locate their parking spot very easily. Keeping in mind the trouble people have in locating their parking spots, the new Save your parking feature will make things easier. The car parking location feature in Google Maps will allow the users to save the exact location where the car is parked along with other essential details.

Google Maps parking feature

All Android users can finally use the much-talked about Save your parking feature on their devices. To use the feature, the Android users have to tap on the blue dot, and click on the Save your parking option to add the location to the map. After saving the location, users will notice that a label has come up indicating the place where the car has been parked.

Users can also put in additional details such as the name of spot, such as the floor where the car has been parked or any other facts which will help them to locate their car easily. People can also set reminders for the parking meter payment, take a picture of the spot, and send the location of the parking spot with others for convenience.

Users can also set a reminder to alert them about the time left before the parking meter expires

iOS users also get parking feature

The drill to use the feature in iOS is quite similar to that of Android. An iOS user needs to click on the blue dot, and select “Set as parking location.” This will add the parking spot details to the map.

The Google Maps parking feature for iOS is similar to the Android users, except few changes.

For iOS users the Google Map parking feature is an addition to the already present automatic car parking detection. However, if the users have connected their smartphone to the USB or Bluetooth of the car, the parking spot will be automatically included in the map when the user disconnects their device from the car to exit the vehicle.

This functionality will help the iOS users avoid the hassle of manually entering the parking details in the map.

However, users will have wait for the final rollout of the updated version of the feature, which will make it easier for users to locate their parking spaces at the click of the button. All Android and iOS users can download the updated app and enjoy the features once it is available. Users should also keep an eye out for any further enhancements made by Google in its navigation app.