Apple finally released the iPhone 8 in September. Prior to the release of the smartphone, many leaks revealed problems with the new phone including slower charging. Now the latest version of its operating system iOS 11 is showing problems and has already been updated. Reports of unnecessary features are emerging, and although Users may find some of the new features exciting, others may be considered obnoxious. Older iPhone users may find it annoying if their phones are slowing down, and they may have to upgrade, whether they are ready to or not.

What can users expect in the iOS 11?

Life Hacker reported that the iOS 11 brings many new and exciting features to iPhones and iPads. Some of the features are considered obnoxious though. One of the bugs revealed in the latest upgrade prevented Microsoft Exchange users from sending and receiving email. Although the email problem has since been fixed, there are some features that are here to stay, including a cluttered iPad keyboard. Users will find that 32-bit apps will no longer work even though developers have been told to update their apps to 64-bit. Unless the apps do get updated, users may have to give up some of their favorite apps. The Control Center won't turn off Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Users will no longer be able to sign into Facebook and Twitter through the settings panel and will have to install the apps now.

The Queen's Univesity Journal reported that the new system brings both good and bad features for users. There is a new scanning feature included in the Notes app, and it will create professional looking scans. The settings app offers the Emergency SOS option. This feature calls 911 after users click the lock button quickly five times.

Problems users are experiencing include the battery draining and some have even said that their iPhones run slower. Apps that haven't updated to the most recent version often crash. Users also have to swipe down on their lock screen now instead of up.

Is Apple forcing upgrades to iOS 11?

Gears of Biz reported that the release of iOS 11 required an almost immediate update.

The 300 MB update only fixes minor bugs including the Exchange Mail server bug. Camera and Photo app fixes were also added, and there were improvements for iMessage App Explorer and Springboard. The Express UK reported that after Apple released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, that search engine searches for "iPhone slow" went up.

Many users may be left wondering if Apple has anything to do with the slower phones, forcing them to upgrade to the latest operating system. Users have petitioned Apple not to push the upgrades forcing users to upgrade to the latest operating system before they are ready. So far, the petition has received 330,000 signatures. Currently, there is no evidence to back up the idea that Apple is actually forcing the upgrades. Apple recently released its latest iPhone series for those considering upgrading to the latest hardware.