As rumors for the latest Apple iPhone 8 continue to emerge, the deadline for the release of the smartphone is fast approaching. Apple has kept a tight lid on the details of its latest release, although new patents have led to speculation on the design and features of its flagship product. The latest leaks say that the smartphone will offer wireless charging, and it will be slower than the standard.

New technologies introduced

Forbes reported that the latest leaks and rumors promise new technologies for faithful iPhone users. One of the promised features is wireless charging. The new charging units are part of the Made for iPhone (MfI) program, and it involves Apple receiving payments from third party manufacturers.

Earlier this year Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium, and there was a hope that the company would finally adopt the Q1 standard for charging. In reports released by Makotakara, Apple has decided to run a charging system that works at 7.5 watts instead of the 15 watts the Qi 1.2 standard offers. The new charging pads will be licensed through the Made for iPhone program. This standard may be the reason that it won't be available right out of the box. Part of the charging process may include the iPhone checking to make sure the charging pad is licensed by Apple. Otherwise, it may not accept the charge.

Slash Gear said that the new wireless charging may be slower than the industry standard. The new wireless charging ability will be limited to the iPhone 8. Although the smartphone supports a higher standard for charging, it will charge at a rate slower than it supports.

Japanese fan site Mac Otakara claims that the iPhone 8 will only support a power profile that's half of the Qi profile for 1.2.

Apple decides to maintain separate standards

TM Research reported that the wireless charging upgrade will be in motion with the release of the iOS 11 software upgrade. Phones won't accept a charge from unlicensed or unauthorized charging equipment. What this means is that current chargers available on the market won't work with the iPhone 8. The new technology wall, as it is called, means more profit for Apple. The mega corporation has decided to separate itself from the rest of the world by creating a "wall of inductive power licensed by Apple." What this means is that the corporation has decided to put profit ahead of using one standard in order to maintain its market share in the marketplace. The latest iPhone rumors include the latest specs for the flagship product.