As the launch of Apple's iPhone 8 approaches, rumors continue to circulate on what users can expect from the latest release. One update that may be coming for users is holding the Sleep/Wake button to activate Siri. The Release Date was also leaked. Previously it was reported that the release date might not happen before October or November.

What users may expect

Mother Jones reported that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are getting smaller makeovers than expected. Because of the smaller release, Apple insiders are expecting that Apple will offer a much more spectacular version of iPhone for the 10th-anniversary release.

This may include an edge-to-edge screen and the removal of the Home button. So far, the phone has been listed as being substantially redesigned. Google has updated its Pixel 2 XL in order to compete with the iPhone 8.

Value Walk reported that the release date for the iPhone 8 has been leaked. This time, the release date was leaked by one of the carriers. The upcoming Apple event is currently scheduled for September 12. In a tweet from a known Apple leaker, the new release is expected around September 22. O2, a British cellular carrier, confirmed to its staff that the iPhone 8 would be available in stores on that date. Usually, the date is a closely guarded secret in order to prevent leaks. Although there is a possibility that the date is completely made up, it would be in keeping with Apple's previous releases of the iPhone.

Apple has had difficulty in keeping the smartphone under wraps and became involved in the leaks this year when it released its HomePod firmware to developers. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, will show the iPhone 8 on stage at the Apple event on September 12.

Latest features including change to Siri

MacRumors reported that if Apple decides to remove the home button, it could mean that Siri could be activated by holding down the Sleep/Wake button.

Users would also have the option of using voice activation. iOS developer Guilherme Rambo made the discovery when he looked at the source code. It points to that possibility. Rambo tweeted that he wondered if Apple had moved the functionality to the lock button, which Apple calls the Sleep/Wake button. It is located on the upper right side of the handset.

He was asked if he had discovered a gesture that would use the lock button to activate Siri and he said he discovered the gesture. According to rumors and the firmware leaks, Apple did away with the Home button and introduced a gesture interface that includes a software bar.

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