Back in 2016 when Motorola unveiled the Moto G4 line of smartphones, the company promised that the handsets will be updated to Android Nougat and Android Oreo. However, last week when Motorola revealed the list of smartphones which were scheduled to get the Android 8.0 Oreo Firmware Update, the names of all the Moto G4 handsets were conspicuously missing. Subsequent to the removal, the company did not give an explanation to its patrons as to why the handsets were not included in the list.

While the exclusion of the Moto G4 handsets from the Android Oreo list initially angered people, they were livid when it was discovered that Motorola wiped off all existence of its upgrade promise from its promo materials.

None of the websites, landing pages, or e-brochures of the G4 handsets mentioned that the devices would be upgraded to Android N or Android O. However, after facing the wrath of its patrons from all over the world, Motorola has retracted its stand and has promised once again that the G4 Plus would be upgraded to Android O.

Moto G4 Plus will get Android Oreo

Motorola has confirmed that it will roll out Android Oreo for the G4 Plus. The company is now claiming that the exclusion of the phone from the update list was a mistake. The handset is eligible to receive the much-anticipated software update.

However, Motorola has not extended the same courtesy for the smaller Moto G4 handset. The company claims that there were some errors in their marketing material for the G4 Plus.

In a press statement, the company admitted that it was oversight and miscommunication on its part and apologized for the inconvenience caused. Furthermore, the company stated that it was the firm’s policy to push out significant firmware updates for the Moto G family of handsets. Thus, going by those policies, the G4 Plus will surely be receiving the Android Oreo firmware update in addition to Android N.

When will the handset receive the update?

While Motorola has confirmed that it will roll out Android Oreo for the bigger handset, the company has not mentioned a specific date for the rollout. The firm stated that as the inclusion of the Moto G4 for the latest Google OS was unplanned, the firmware update may be rolled out later than other updates.

The company revealed that it would need time to fit in the G4 Plus Android O rollout into the upgrade schedule.

The news will come as relief to the owners of the handset who will eventually get the OS.