The LG G4 was an amazing device, with a top of the line camera and a stunning look with a leather back. The device was a great choice back then and even today. Being a 2-year-old flagship, it still performs considerably better when compared to many mid range devices available in the same price range.

Although an amazing smartphone, it was riddled with the infamous boot loop controversy, where the device got stuck in booting a lot of the time. This destroyed not only the G4's reputation but also LG's.

The LG G4, originally released with Android lollipop, was among the first devices to get the Android Marshmallow.

and that was it, or so it seemed.

11 Months after announcing #Android N, most users have given up hope that their devices would be updated to the latest version. But LG G4 seems to prove those fears wrong.

Android N, what's new?

The new and current version of Android introduces Multiwindow support, something LG and Samsung users are already familiar with. But not just that, Android N makes some major changes to the notification bar, from a new and redesigned one to better notification management. The latest version also supports a new set of emojis, better data saving algorithms, Android for work, a new redesigned settings menu and file based encryption.

The latest version also has several minor updates for better battery life management, such as Doze mode, and many other important improvements.

When will LG G4 get the update?

LG has started rolling out the update to specific regions, especially for the South Korean models. LG G4 devices with the model number F500S, F500K and F500L can be updated using the LG Bridge app, meaning the files have to be downloaded to your computer and you can update the device by connecting your phone to the computer.

As of the moment, there is no OTA update yet, but it's highly likely the international models will receive the OTA updates in a matter of few weeks.

For U.S. models or for those who have bought the phone through various carriers, the update will take much longer to arrive. AT&T flat out announced that they will not update the device to the latest version.

What about future updates?

Most Android OEM's only support their devices for up to 2 years, with a huge majority of the devices not receiving any update at all. It's a surprise that the LG G4 is being updated to Android N, so it's highly likely that Android N will be the last update the G4 will be getting. There might be some security updates in the future, although it's unlikely.