Smart home products manufacturer August has released a number of new products, which include two brand new editions of its popular Smart Lock and a professional version of its doorbell camera. The new Smart Locks include a redesigned model, which will be retailed at a cheaper price and target budget buyers.

August has also completely revamped its third generation August Smart Lock, which now sports an elongated industrial design. The lock also comes with a real thumb turn when compared to the original round look.

Better battery life

Apart from sporting an industrial design, August claims that the redesigned Smart Lock also comes with double the Battery Life compared to the second-gen Smart Lock.

The company has also included a new feature in the redesigned product called DoorSense. DoorSense is a kind of a sensor, which, when fitted next to the Smart Lock, can tell the owners when the lock was opened or closed. Thus, it records a digital signature every time the device is activated or deactivated.

Apart from DoorSense, the August Smart Lock has also been endowed with the auto lock feature, which will automatically lock the door once it is closed. While the feature will work automatically this time, it worked on a timer in the earlier versions. Apart from introducing all these new features in its revamped lock, the company has also reduced the price of the product from $229 to $149. After Nest, it is the second Smart Home device manufacturer to reduce the price of its flagship smart home device.

In August, Nest was the first to slash Nest’s price to $169.

Smart Lock Pro for professional properties

While the new Smart Lock sports a more elongated design, August has retained its popular circular design with the new Smart Lock Pro that comes with new internal fittings. This particular lock has been manufactured especially from the professional sector and was announced in May.

The Z-Wave Plus compatibility included in the Pro allows a user to incorporate the lock with all home control systems, as well as the alarm. Similar to Smart Lock, the Pro version is compatible for working smoothly with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

August releasing Pro Doorbell Cam

The firm is also releasing a Pro edition of the Doorbell Cam.

The new smart cam boasts of a built-in floodlight, which will be set off if it detects motion. The new Doorbell Cam comes with enhanced video quality compared to the regular model. The Doorbell Cam is not available currently, but the company is accepting preorders for the same. The Doorbell Cam Pro cam be purchased for $199 and the device is expected to be shipped on October 10.