The Apple event this month is getting close, yet there are still a lot of rumors surfacing online about the next iPhone model. Several people are not impressed with the iPhone 7 because it only had minor updates. Fans were also disappointed, especially when the company removed the 7.5mm headphone jack of the device. Apple supporters are expecting that the iPhone 8 will be more than just a minor update of the previous version, especially because it marks the tenth anniversary of the “iPhone” line.

iPhone 8's rumored features

According to a report from Apple Insider, a Brazilian iOS developer named Guilherme Rambo uncovered several secrets from the leaked Apple HomePod firmware.

The firmware contains details about the upcoming Apple devices such as iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3, and Apple TV. Guilherme Rambo claims that Apple will make major interface adjustments for the upcoming smartphone.

Apple will be implementing new gesture controls and software bar on the upcoming smartphone. The new feature has the previous functions of the home button. The company is ditching the physical home button of the device to make its screen larger. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 8 might be placed at the back of the device.

Users will have new ways to unlock their smartphones such as using the 3D recognition sensor. The 3D recognition sensor (facial scanner) has the capability to unlock the device by scanning the user’s facial features.

It can also be used to verify payments on Apple’s digital wallet service.

How to launch the new Siri

Guilherme Rambo said that iPhone 8 users can launch Siri smart assistant with just a long press on the Sleep/Wake button instead of the Home button. Rambo also said that there is still no confirmation on whether the upcoming smartphone will be called “iPhone 8.” There is a possibility that the device might be called iPhone Edition or iPhone X, but in the meantime let’s call it iPhone 8.

Apple will also unveil two new smartphones alongside the iPhone 8. These are the premium OLED iPhones that are upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple Watch 3's new features

The company is expected to launch the Apple Watch 3 on the same event. The wearable fitness device is rumored to feature a built-in cellular chip, which will allow it to connect to LTE network providers.

This new feature will also make the Apple Watch 3 an independent device because the built-in cellular chip will allow it to receive calls and texts. Users can even download or listen to music on the go.