There is no doubt that the eSports (also known as competitive video gaming or pro gaming) industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. Game developers can’t help but notice the growth of eSports, which is why they are trying their best to improve their games for competitive multiplayer gaming. “Overwatch” game director, Jeff Kaplan, recently released a YouTube video detailing the upcoming changes to “Overwatch” based on players feedback and requests when it comes to eSports.

eSports uniforms

According to a report by Dot Esports, Blizzard Entertainment wants to address the criticism they’ve received from players over the last few months.

The developer will be giving uniforms for each team that is qualified for the “Overwatch” World Cup, which will be held on November 3 and November 4 at Blizzcon.

The uniforms will have different colors for each team with the home team having dark colors, while the away team will wear light-colored uniforms. The projectiles and spells used in the tournament will also be color-coded so that spectators will know who is using the ability, what type of ability, and when the player did use it. The “Overwatch” World Cup 2017 features 32 represented nations from around the world. The event’s format is an eight-team single-elimination playoff.

Improved spectator view

Blizzard Entertainment will also create a top-down overlay system that can be used by broadcasters and observers.

The new system will allow the spectators to see the entire “Overwatch” battlefield at once. The overlay system will also show players’ positions, ultimate status, and character status if they are rooted or stunned.

New smart camera

According to a report by PC Gamer, Blizzard Entertainment will implement a new third-person smart camera that is usable in third-person mode.

The smart camera is capable of smoothly following the action wherever the player goes. Broadcasters and other spectators can also replay the moments from multiple camera angles and time scaling. With this new feature, viewers at home will experience awesome replay moments framed up in cinematic ways.

Automated interface

“Overwatch” will also feature a new automated interface which will make things easier and smoother for anyone who wants to run a tournament.

The automated interface is capable of automatically pausing the game if a player gets disconnected. With this new feature, the person in charge of the tournament will not have to worry if a player can experience any technical difficulties.