The 2017 “Pokemon GO” Halloween event finally went live. The event runs until November 2 at exactly 1:00 PM Pacific Time Zone. Five spooky creatures from the third generation will make their first appearance. The said creatures are Duskull, Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet, and Banette. These Pokemon were originally discovered in the Hoenn region from the games’ “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon” Sapphire.” Niantic is expected to release the complete batch of Gen-3 Pokemon in December during the game’s Christmas event.

Shuppet and Banette

The five Gen-3 creatures available in “Pokemon GO” are all Ghost-types.

According to a report by PokemonGoHub, Shuppet’s maximum combat power can reach 872. Players can evolve Shuppet into a Banette for just 50 candies. Banette is one of the strongest Ghost-type Pokemon in the game. It has a 2073 Max CP.

Duskull, Dusclops, and Sableye

Duskull has a Max CP of 523. Using 50 candies, players can evolve Duskull into a Dusclops. Dusclops’ maximum combat power can reach 1335. In the previous Pokemon games, Dusclops can evolve into a fourth generation creature called Dusknoir. On the other hand, Sableye is said to be a mega-evolution, but its maximum combat power can only reach 1305. Sableye’s weaknesses are fairy attacks.

2X Candies

According to a report by GameSpot, the “Pokemon GO” Halloween event also doubles the number of Candies acquired from any activities, such as transferring a creature to the professor, walking a Pokemon buddy, hatching a Poke-Egg, and catching a Pokemon.

Discounted items

The event brought huge discounts on three different Boxes in the in-game shop. Each box has almost 50 percent discount. The Special Box now costs 480 PokeCoins because of its 52 percent discount. The Special Box contains five Incense, six Premium Raid Passes, and ten Pinap bonuses. The Great Box now costs 780 PokeCoins, thanks to its 46.5 percent discount.

The Great Box contains seven Incense, three Premium Raid Passes, four Super Incubators, and ten Razz bonus. The Ultra Box, on the other hand, has a 49.6 percent discount. The Ultra Box now costs 1480 PokeCois, which is normally 2940 without the discount. It contains twelve Incense, six Premium Raid Passes, six Super Incubators, and six Lucky Eggs.

PvP mode

In other “Pokemon GO” news, in an interview with “Business Weekly” (Taiwanese magazine), Niantic’s CEO John Hanke talked about the upcoming game features soon. John Hanke said that there will be a battle mode coming to “Pokemon GO” next year. The said battle mode might be the most requested Player-Versus-Player feature. Niantic is also developing a new feature to improve players’ communication in the game. The upcoming communication feature will also improve players’ coordination when doing Raid Battles.