Three game developers from Bungie have revealed the details of the upcoming “Seasons” system in “Destiny 2.” The developers explained the details at the TwitchCon interview held today. According to a report by Kotaku, the panel was hosted by the “Destiny 2” community manager David “DeeJ” Dague along with the senior designer Steve Dolan, and the live game director Ryan Paradis.

New features

There will be four Seasons in the first year of “Destiny 2.” The game is currently in its first Season. The developer did not specify the start date of the Season 2.

Each Season will feature new cosmetic items which include contents of Bright Engrams. The Season system will also change the themes of the players’ experience.

The Dawning

Every time the game Season changes, the clans and clan banners are also affected. In season 2, Clan ranks will reset as well as the privileges that players received from their clan banners. A holiday-themed event from the original game will also return to “Destiny 2.” The said event is called “The Dawning.” This seasonal event will bring some changes to the Tower and the Farm. Casual mini-games such as hockey and snowball fights are playable during the event.

Clarion Call event

Every clan and clan members in “Destiny 2” will have the chance to reach their maximum ranks to earn bonus loots before the first season ends, thanks to the feature called Clarion Call.

The Clarion Call will double the players’ experience, which means that all players can also earn twice as many Bright Engrams. Players should take note that the rewards available from the Bright Engrams will change every season. This means that there will be new Ships, Sparrows, and Shaders available.

New Iron Banner event

“Destiny 2” live game director Ryan Paradis discussed the reactions of console players' regarding the recent Iron Banner PvP event.

The developer was flooded with negative feedbacks regarding the token system used to get loot drops on the event. On Season 2, the Iron Banner event will allow players to buy specific weapons and gears with their tokens acting as Legendary Shards.

Bungie also revealed some of the armors and ornaments that are available in Season 2.

New ornaments can be acquired by completing gameplay objectives such as winning matches. Each season will have different types of ornaments. According to a report by Dot Esports, “Trials of the Nine” will have new ornaments as well.