With the supply chain not running smoothly for Apple, rumors abound that the iPhone 8 will be released at a later date than initially planned. Originally Apple had planned to release its latest edition of the iPhone in September with the iOS 11 release coming shortly thereafter in October or November. Apple may delay the release of its device until it has enough stock on hand although earlier rumors said that some buyers may not be able to buy one before the Christmas season.

What iPhone users can expect

Forbes reported that Apple may also decide to take the limited stock on hand and release the phone on time rather than risk being late because it's better to release it when the public is ready to see it rather than releasing it late.

This would, however, cause the company to have to forgo having a big weekend release. CEO Tim Cook made a change in the reporting of new releases with the release of the iPhone 7 last year.

First week sales won't be reported anymore because the device is expected to sell out anyway. The lower run rate allows Apple to use the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to pick up the slack in sales while showing how the iPhone 8 is more innovative and therefore worth the higher price. Many of the rumors about the new iPhone 8 have been proven to be fake.

When will the iPhone 8 be released?

The Independent UK reported the latest iPhone rumors and said that there would be three new iPhones in September. Little has been revealed about the latest iPhone, at least by Apple, and so speculation has run rampant on what users can really expect.

Apple did apply for 68 different patents, leading to speculation on the latest design features.

Apple has followed a pattern of releasing its latest iPhone usually sometime in September and around Labor Day. The only thing definite right now is that the phone will be released. The latest versions of the phone to be released will be the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and the iPhone 8.

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The first two designs are expected to have the same outside design, upgraded camera, chipset, and internal parts.

Apple Insider reported that the iPhone 8 will launch sometime in October or November due to production delays. The phone will also be missing the white bezel option. It is believed that Apple will at least unveil the iPhone 8 in September so that buyers will know what to expect.

Sources in Apple's Asian supply chain said that the company plans to announce its latest phone at its annual fall event. Supplies will be strictly limited. The only frame color option that will be available will be black, and it will sport an LCD display bonded to a protective glass cover that comes with black bezels formed with a special ink.