As Apple prepares to roll out its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8, Google is rolling out its latest edition of the Pixel 2 on October 5. The mega corporation is also looking to use the Pixel 2 XL to vie with the iPhone on some key features. The latest release of Pixel 2 XL will include a 5.99 inch OLED display. Previous rumors about the release reveal there may still be some design flaws in the smartphone.


Pixel 2 XL features to rival iPhone

News Nation reported that the new smartphone from Google will offer serious competition to Apple's latest release. One of the features that makes the Google Pixel XL stand out is its squeezable frame. This feature will allow users to silence incoming calls as well as invoke Google Assistant. Another feature to be included with the release is the latest Snapdragon processor, and it will make it a powerful smartphone.


The Settings app allows users to display different user profiles, and it offers a Vivid Colors option for the display. The powerful battery is a 3,500 mAh cell. LG will produce the screen for the phone, and it will be almost six inches. It also offers wireless charging support and a price tag of around $999 similar to the $1,000 price tag of iPhone 8. Speculation is that the iPhone will be released around the second week of September a few weeks before the Pixel.

Forbes reported that previous reports released said that Google would release a smaller version of its smartphone. Instead, the company is releasing the larger phone, and like Apple's release will get the minimal bezel treatment. The fingerprint scanner has also been moved. Previously it was inside the glass window of the phone. Now it will sit just below the glass window. The design is more modern with rounded edges.

Google also offered a great camera for its first generation, and if the company decides to offer a new camera, it may rival the camera offered by Apple.

Snapdragon 836 and 5.99 inch OLED display

Gizbot reported on the changes Google made to the design as well as the processor of its flagship product. While the Pixel 2 XL will offer a 5.99-inch QHD OLED display, the Pixel 2 will offer a 4.97-inch Full HD OLED display.


The XL will offer a minimal bezel treatment while its smaller counterpart will come with large bezels. Rumors also suggest that neither version will offer an audio port, which will require the user to have a blue tooth device to listen to the audio. Both phones will also have the Snapdragon 836 chipset, the latest version of Snapdragon and the most powerful.

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