Boost Mobile has announced that it will now offer its service plan prices inclusive of taxes and fees. This means that starting tomorrow, existing Boost customers will start seeing these built-in expenses on their next monthly bill. It may be a simple move, but it is a change that will help simplify the billing process. The telecommunications industry is known for user complaints about overcharges and hidden fees, and this small change is made to give the carrier's customers some assurance.

Following T-Mobile

In its effort to pursue the competitive prepaid market, the Sprint subsidiary follows a similar announcement from T-Mobile.

The latter revealed at the beginning of the year that it would have taxes and fees built in into its newest service plans. This is a practice that has not gone mainstream yet to other big carriers, but both companies are clearly testing the waters. The move makes sense considering Sprint is a direct competitor of T-Mobile and the former owns Boost Mobile.

T-Mobile has been exposed to this kind of practice through its prepaid subsidiary, MetroPCS. The prepaid company has been bundling in taxes in fees way before it got acquired by T-Mobile. As for Sprint, it may take a while for the system to be carried over, but at least the system was adopted and in place. The firm is determined to continue to provide its customers the best value, service, and Customer Experience in prepaid wireless.

Of bundles and plans

Boost Mobile offers plans that with two options. The first package costs $35 per month for a single line inclusive of 3GB of LTE data while the other is priced at $50 for a single line of unlimited mobile data that includes video, games, and music. In addition to these bundles, the carrier is also offering a family plan for four that has unlimited data.

The four lines will have 'unlimited gigs' for just $100. This is specifically targeted to users who are currently subscribed to another service provider.

In celebration of this news, Boost Mobile is hosting a contest on September 22. The event is called 'Flip Off Taxes Scavenger Hunt' and will be set in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.

The game's premise will be focused on a single 'Golden Switch' that will be hidden in each of the three cities. This is actually symbolic of the customers who will make the switch, and the contest is a way to celebrate the transition. The first one to find the 'Golden Switch' in each city will take home a grand prize worth $5,000.