Audio equipment company Bose debuted its newest headphones and it promises something more than just listening to music. The second generation of its iconic Quiet Comfort (QC) 35 is getting two major upgrades with the SoundSport Free headphones and the seamless voice access to Google Assistant. The audio accessory is now on sale for $350 with color options in black and silver.


The Bose QC 35 II SoundSport Free headphones have a new antenna system that can hold a connection up to 30 feet away. Simply put, the device keeps a strong and reliable connection regardless of its location.

With a lightweight of .35 ounces and a measure of 1.1 inches high, it can be tucked away in the pocket or strapped to the arm. Similar to its predecessor, the updated version still possesses the noise canceling capabilities, water resistance, and great audio performance. In addition, there is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery included in the package as well as a charging case that also functions as a storage.

The headphones also incorporate an optimized EQ for volume and digital signal processing. The ability to set noise cancellation in different levels or turn it off completely is another minor update on the gadget. The functionality of the action buttons to launch the Assistant has also been modified.

The control buttons resemble the first model's design with the audio volume and multi-function button used for incoming calls and activating Siri still on the right earcup.Now, a newly-installed left action button is designated for the Google Assistant. The voice assistant can be accessed even without the presence of a smartphone.

Seamless voice access

When Google announced that it was officially bringing Assistant to headphones, the first pair to receive the upgraded treatment is the Bose QC 35 II. With the voice assistant, the user can make calls, add appointments using Google Calendar, receive notifications, get information on flight schedules, sports scores, and more.

With the microphone system and noise cancellation technology in place, the user can still have an excellent listening experience despite a noisy environment.

While its utility may not be easily apparent, Assistant built-in headphones actually make sense. To begin, headphones with this feature are capable of reading out notifications with context. For example, the user receives a text message on the phone, the Assistant on the headphones can notify the user of the details. There is also a 'push-to-talk' button that will give access to more advanced functions. The upgrade works on both Android smartphones and iPhones. However, it is limited to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US.