Sprint launched two new programs for people looking to upgrade their smartphones. The top four carriers in the United States want to attract as many new subscribers to their network, but at the same time, it is also important for them to retain existing customers. The carrier has revealed two new plans: Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals, meant for customers who want to upgrade.

Sprint Flex

With this program, the customers can sign on with the company to upgrade their handsets on an annual basis. This means that people will be able to the latest version of a particular smartphone series from a company every year when that device hits the market.

The program will take into consideration the company's already existing plans iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever.

Under the iPhone Forever plan, users will be able to get the latest iPhone every year by offering small monthly payments for the same. Each subsequent year when a newer iPhone model comes into the market, users will be offered the new handset in exchange for the older one that they had been using. The Galaxy Forever plan is the same exact program but for the Samsung handsets.

This plan will also offer customers signed on it a chance to buy the new handset without exchanging it. After 18 months of getting a handset, the customer can choose to buy the newer device by making a single payment or may opt to pay the price of the phone in six monthly payments.

In this case, Sprint will not ask for the older handset in exchange.

Sprint Deals

Sprint Deals will offer the customers in the carrier’s network the ability to buy a device without any credit checks being performed. However, the company stated that people who sign up for Sprint Deals would only get to buy slightly older devices and not the latest handsets in the market.

Customers looking to buy entry level handsets with the Sprint Deals plan would need to pay $5 per month with $25 down, while those looking to buy slightly more premium smartphones will have to pay $10 per month and $50 down.

Those customers who choose to bypass a credit check will receive a discount on the value menu of the smartphones on a Sprint Forward prepaid plan.

This discount differs depending on the smartphone in question. For the entry level handsets, Sprint will offer as much as 50 percent discount on the suggested retail price, while on the higher end devices, the carrier offers around 25 percent discount on the SRP.