Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 in a New York City event on 23 August. It is probably the most important smartphone in the company’s history. Samsung is hoping to redeem its market credibility after last year’s fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 pushed the company to issue a global unit recall. Samsung is offering bundle deals for pre-orders in a limited promotional offer. The bundle includes either a Gear 360 camera or a wireless charging pad and a 128 memory card. The pre-order bundle will last until September 24.

How to Pre-order the device?

Buyers can pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 directly from Samsung at a price of $929.99.

Carriers that offer the device are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Retailers such as Target and Best Buy also accept pre-orders. Carriers and retailers are not offering pre-orders at the same price and time. According to a report from The Verge, Verizon offers the Note 8 at $960 full retail, AT&T offers $950 full retail, T-Mobile offers $930 full retail, and Sprint offers the device for $960 full retail.

Impressive features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s features were not exactly a well-kept secret. Tech analysts already predicted dual cameras, supersized display, and an improved S-Pen. The latest smartphone has a 6.3-inch Infinity Display screen. It is taller and narrower compared to the Galaxy S8.

Its aspect ratio is 18.5:9 instead of a usual 16:9 ratio used by iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL.

Unlike other huge smartphones, users can easily wrap their hands around the Galaxy Note 8. It is also the company’s biggest smartphone. The dual cameras of the smartphone both get the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature.

It also has two times optical zoom length.

From all angles, there is no doubt that the Note 8 is a good-looking phone, and it is probably the best Android smartphone at present. Samsung also guarantees that the device is water and dust resistant. The screen and the S-pen still work even if the device gets wet.

If the device gets exposed to water for too long, the Note 8 will show a warning, which will remind the user not to charge the device until it dries.

The Note 8’s fingerprint scanner is still located in an awkward position, beside the camera. Users can also unlock the device using facial recognition and iris scanner, but the facial recognition is spoofable with a photo. The most secure way of unlocking the device is by using the iris scanner. Any of the said biometric options can also be used in conjunction with Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

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