The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date is about to come. The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, 2017. But that does not stop people from thinking about Samsung’s next generation of Galaxy S. Latest renders of the Galaxy S9 are very impressive that could make people forget about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Fastest smartphone in the world?

Some rumors claim that the upcoming Samsung smartphone could be the world’s fastest smartphone next year. The company recently revealed that it is trying to make Lte modems for the new batch of Exynos mobile chipsets.

The chipsets will have a six-carrier aggregation (6CA) feature.

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S9 could have faster data download speeds. It could reach up to 1.2GB/sec. With the faster LTE modem, users can easily download movies with high definition resolution in just 10 seconds. Making video calls and live streaming using the smartphone would cause no buffer time.

Galaxy S9 might be expensive

Reports claim that Samsung has been already working on a new smartphone display panels since March 2017. The company is expected to improve and make some major adjustments to the Galaxy S9. Its previous model has a fingerprint scanner located beside its rear camera, fans suggest relocating the fingerprint sensor on the front, and away from the camera so that users cannot touch the camera lens when unlocking the phone.

The Galaxy S8 only had minor improvements on its camera. Some rumors claim that the Galaxy S9 will sport an amazing dual-lens camera that could even beat Huawei Mate 9, iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6. Samsung made its own AI assistant called Bixby. But users find it useless. Fans also like to see more widespread Bixby integration on the upcoming smartphone.

Rumored release date and price

The predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is named as the best Android smartphone in 2017. Tech critics are expecting for a March or April 2018 release date and it would likely cost $925. The Galaxy Note 8 costs a whopping $911. There is also a possibility that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress event on February 2018.

The Galaxy S9 will be pitched as a premium flagship smartphone, which is why there is no reason for the company to lower the price of the device, especially if it does well in the market. Qualcomm is already working on its future chipsets. Some tech enthusiasts claim that the S9 would sport the new Snapdragon 845 chipset.