Microsoft recently started testing a new Windows 10 feature that will allow its users to control some features of the operating system by using their eyes. The eye control will allow people with disabilities to experience a keyboard, on-screen mouse, and a text-to-speech.

Eye control feature needs compatible camera

The Eye Control feature needs a compatible eye-tracking camera, which is manufactured by a Swedish company called Tobii. The compatible camera is called Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.

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The said camera can track eye movements to judge where on the screen the user is looking.

To clear things out, Microsoft will only be supporting US English language keyboard layout for now.

But the company is planning to add more layouts on the future. Microsoft is doing a lot of progress on the eye control, but it is still unclear when the company will officially launch the device.

The feature is currently in its beta testing stage for the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. The eye control beta is only available for selected users. The eye control feature is a big deal for people with impaired muscle movement.

Shape writing feature would speed up typing?

Another cool feature that will be added together with the eye control is the “shape writing.” Shape writing would speed up typing by simply looking at the first and last letter of a word. A word prediction would appear on the screen after users press the last key of the word. If ever the prediction is wrong, users can swap it out and change it with another alternative.

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Microsoft sets artificial intelligence as top priority

In other news, Microsoft officially listed AI (Artificial Intelligence) as one of its top priorities. According to a report from CNBC, this is the first time that the company has inserted artificial intelligence into its vision. Microsoft already formed an engineering and research team that consists of 5,000 people. The team will primarily focus on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft made a few announcements about artificial intelligence last month, which includes a new iPhone application that describes the world for the visually impaired. It seems that the company will not be focusing on making new mobile phones in the future. It is not a surprise given that Microsoft is struggling with its Windows Phone.

The Microsoft Windows Phone is not generally accepted worldwide and it is not doing well in the market. Focusing on artificial intelligence rather than making new mobile phones might be a good move for the company, because Microsoft’s mobile phones just cannot rival other companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and Nokia.