In Western markets, the Flip phone model has long been a forgotten design. Meanwhile, Eastern markets continue to embrace the nostalgic form factor. Samsung seeks to capitalize on this demand with the release of their SM-G9298 model. While the name might not roll off the tongue quite easily, the handset is considered to be a gorgeous flip phone manufactured by the South Korean tech company.

Design and construction of the SM-G9298

The classy flip phone is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The material gives the phone a luxury-grade appearance and feel. The South Korean manufacturer crafted the smartphone with soft curves.

Previous flip models featured sharper edges and more angular designs.

The outer display features the Samsung logo and capacitive buttons, while the inner display sets the earpiece on top with its front-facing camera and proximity sensor. The rear panel houses its main camera on the upper middle portion. Its fingerprint sensor sits just below the imaging sensor and its LED flash and optical heart rate monitor side just beside it.

When closed, the SM-G9298 features its SIM tray and power button on the right side. Meanwhile, the left side only sports a volume rocker. The bottom portion sports its microphone pinhole and speaker grille with a USB-C port. This Samsung flip smartphone does not seem to have a 3.5mm audio jack.

Hardware and camera

Samsung’s SM-G9298 is powered by 2,300mAh battery and runs on Android Marshmallow.

The handset uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a 6GB RAM. Its internal memory capacity is 64GB and does not seem to be expandable. Both of its 4.2-inch Super AMOLED displays flaunt a full-HD resolution. Wireless charging and Samsung Pay are also on board to further enhance the user experience.

On the imaging side, the main camera is an f/1.7 12-megapixel shooter.

In order to use its 5-megapixel selfie camera, users must open the flip end. Once open, users can also access its full T9 keypad along with the physical Android navigation buttons. When closed, it measures a somewhat thick 15.9mm and weighs around 235 grams.

Release date and price

The SM-G9298 is not likely going to get a Western release like Samsung’s previous Android flip smartphones.

However, china is expected to get the phone sometime in August. Currently, the manufacturer has not revealed the official price, but given its high-end appeal, consumers can expect it to cost a pretty penny.

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