April was a busy month for Microsoft. On top of launching several feature touch ups, the tech giant has also released a major Windows 10 Creators Update. And the fun is not over yet as Microsoft scheduled release of exciting upgrades in October.

Eye Control included in follow-up Windows update in October

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update in October. The massive follow-up update is expected to add more exciting features to Windows 10. Microsoft was kind enough to share Preview Build, and beta releases before the official launch and positive feedbacks are pouring in.

Micetimes reports that one of the latest features spotted on the current Preview Build 16257 is a control structure that will assist people with special needs making Windows 10 more accessible to users with disabilities.

One of the latest features is referred to as the “Eye Control.” The feature allows users to operate a mouse, an on-screen keyboard and the text-to-speech features with their eyes. Similar to sci-fi movies, the feature enables users to interact with a computer mouse cursor by eye-movement. The feature also allows interaction with user interface icons with the eyes, wherein, the user activates an icon by merely staring at it for a set number of seconds.

Using the on-screen keyboard will also be easy.

The keyboard will be eye-tracking as well, and users can type in characters by staring at them as well. Typing can also be done using another feature referred to as the “Eye-control shape-writing" which works similar to the Swype keyboard of smartphones

The “Eye Control” feature, still in beta, is only compatible with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C but support for more Tobii eye-tracking devices are on the way.

According to Microsoft, they are very much willing to work with other hardware vendors to develop a broader set of hardware options and provide users a wide array of products to choose from.

Other features included in Fall Creators Update for Windows

On top of the much anticipated “Eye-Control” upgrade, the October launch is expected to bring in new features including a make-over look for Microsoft Edge.

According to Komando, the new look has been inspired by the "Fluent Design System." Microsoft adds the utilizing Acrylic materials provide transparency and depth of the interface’s tab bar and other controls. The upgrade will also improve button animations by increasing responsiveness.

The upgrade will also introduce changes to Edge’s browser address bar. With the update, the text will remain under the cursor despite clicks and drags. Other Edge updates include copy and paste fixes, tab arrangements and full-screen tabs.