Microsoft has been rather busy lately, with preparing for the launch of its much-awaited Windows 10 software Operating System. The Redmond-based technology giant has now officially taken the wraps off its Windows 10 Pro, primarily targeted towards workstations. According to several reports, the recently-introduced Windows 10 software operating system is expected to work in favor of high-level professionals. The software has also further extended support for workstation with top-notch hardware, thereby requiring sufficient power for the same.

New features with Windows 10

According to a report published by tech Radar, the latest version of Windows 10 introduced by Microsoft also comes bundled with the Fall Creators Update that the Redmond technology giant launched a couple of months back. In other words, the recently-introduced software operating system will also be seen extending its support for Intel’s Xeon processors alongside Advanced Microprocessor Developer’s Opteron systems that were introduced earlier this year.

The latest update also reportedly carries support for up to four CPUs, which believed to be a significant upgrade to the current line-up – that was introduced back in 2016 – only offers support for two CPUs. One of the other major highlights of the latest update is its memory storage.

A powerful processor

The processor comes equipped with the ability to store 6TB worth of data. This is also believed to be among the greater updates as its predecessor only offered support for 4TB of data.

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Microsoft, it appears, has remained true to its words as the company had claimed that they were planning on exploring a revamped/refreshed flexible file system, and that is exactly what has been addressed with their latest offering. The latest software operating system also comes along with the ability to efficiently organizing significant volumes of data.

Among the other specifications that come tagged along with the most recent operating system, is the support for NVDIMM-N modules.

This allows for systems to deliver a lightning fast speed regarding reading and writing different applications that users opt for. The latest feature also comes tagged along with a newly-introduced feature that allows users to share files over networks, directly – something that wasn’t included in its predecessors. Microsoft recently took to its official blogging website to make a statement regarding their latest offering.

According to the company, the most recent operating system comes along with an added support for server grade PC hardware – that is specifically designed in such a manner so as it meets the demand of critical computing workloads with smoothness.

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