It’s been over a month since Apple introduced its 2017 software update, the iOS 11 to the public. The update is available for use in the form of beta, with its final version expected to roll-out towards the end of this year. Apple describes its latest update as holding the kind of potential to change one’s iPhone and iPad experience as a whole, as was pointed out by Tech Radar.

MuMultitasking fun job

Apple’s iOS 11 features a new multi-tasking grid that makes controlling the functions on the device easy. A redesigned control centre makes jumping between apps more efficient.

This is among the top changes that ios carries, as it makes the device seem more user-friendly.

Drag and drop apps

It has become a lot more convenient for users to transport items such as messages, photos, files or hyperlinks from one place to another. This is especially beneficial for those using iPad as their primary workstation. Thanks to this feature, users end up saving time while carrying out their productive activities.

Augmented Reality kit

An increasing number of brands are realizing the importance of the AR technology, and designing their products to adapt to its changes. Apple is among these brands. The latest update consists of an AR kit that hints at the biggest updates scheduled to arrive in the iPhone 8 as well.

Since the user base of iOS 11 software is so massive, the AR market is going to experience an instant boom after its launch.

Instant scanning

Apple’s iOS 11 comes with an application called “Document Scanner,” which instantly scans documents that users need to sign. It even helps users crop off the unnecessary edges and perfect the scanned result by removing tilts and glares.

iMessages receive an instant update

Apple through the use of iOS 11 wishes to make the iMessage experience seamless. The software won’t be taking up a lot of the storage on the device. Users will be able to archive the messages on to iCloud easily.

Apple Pay is expanding

The Apple Pay services are receiving another update that makes the experience similar to other paying standalone apps such as Venmo and PayPal.

Users are required to authenticate themselves using Touch ID, following which they can send and receive payments from wherever they are. Apple is going to introduce a brand new app store through the launch of iOS 11. The content on the App Store will be well organized and will take the users exactly where they want to go. Stay tuned for more news and updates.