Even before the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has been very keen in informing users the importance to updating to their latest software. As has been designed to be the most secure Windows yet. It is built in with Windows Defender Security Center, which contains Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Firewall, that is there to help protect your device.

This only became an eye-opener to users when WannaCry, a cyber virus took over computers earlier this month.

It was first believed that it only attacked outdated versions of Windows XP but the new data released by a trusted antivirus maker company Kaspersky, that Windows 7 users have been affected the most.


Since Windows 7 is still hugely popular and runs around 45% of all computers, Microsoft released a patch for Windows 7 last March to prevent things like this to happen. Unfortunately, users were not able to run that update, that is why they are the one’s that got hit the hardest.

How can you tell if a computer is infected?

The WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor is a form of ransomware that took over computers with malicious software, blocking access to systems and encrypted user files. To get access back into it, a message will appear on screen with a ransom demand, countdown timer and bitcoin wallet to pay funds into

Actually No, Windows is proprietary software, which relies on licenses and fine print contracts ensuring customers can not hold them liable for any software flaws.

According to Jeremiah Grossman, an executive at security company SentinelOne, he said, by email that “Microsoft has done all that could be reasonably expected of them," "They gave sufficient notice to the world, and worked at it greatly over the years, yet here we remain.

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It might be time for a governmental policy change”. Like mandating consumers to do an update and also old source codes should no longer be accessible.

What to do if your computer is infected and the best way to protect your system?

If ever you are held victim by this ransomware, National Crime Agency (NCA) encourages users to report it right away to Action Fraud. And as per National Center for State Courts (NCSC), the best way to protect your computer is to update it to the latest system. Also, run an up to date antivirus software.

A recent WannaCry patch has also been available which can be downloaded and ran from Microsoft support’s website. Taking a backup of files is also pretty much advisable as this prevents hackers from getting access to your critical data. All of these steps can also be seen in NCSC’s website.