Smartphones have been one of the hottest gadgets for several years. However, this year proves to be the peak of smartphone popularity. New devices are released almost every month. The LG V30 is another addition to the smartphone line-up.

The silent player

LG is a silent player regarding smartphone production. This Korean tech giant is not as big as Samsung but is a strong competitor. This Tech Company released impressive smartphones over the years. Its latest success story is the LG G6. It continues to make big waves worldwide. Many easily became fans, with some even choosing it over Samsung S8.

Now, the tech world is again set abuzz by LG. Its upcoming offering got revealed even before the official unveiling. The LG V30’s images got leaked. However, it seems that LG doesn’t have any plans of concealing it anyways.

Photos revealed LG V30 came from those who got hold of it. LG seems not to mind the photos circulating. Either the photos are legitimately the supposed V30 or just a prototype, it still needs confirmation.

What to expect?

Participants of the LG V30’s testing program gamely posed holding the device for everyone to see. From the photos, it showed two lenses. However, the lenses are side to side as opposed to one on top of the other. LG must have a good explanation for the lenses’ order of placement.

One thing is for sure: It is a cut above the rest. Quality photos and videos must be one of its best attributes. The online photos show bezel around the camera lenses which gives it an extra bump.

Other leaked photos also showcase its back glass panel. This feature gives the upcoming smartphone a classy and elegant look and feel.

This feature serves as protection as well. The back glass panel makes the LG V30 relatively stronger and tougher than its predecessor.

To keep up with the competition, the LG V30 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU and 4GB of RAM. It is slightly bigger than Samsung S8. It comes with 6-inch FullVision OLED screen. Such display provides unparalleled viewing quality and pleasure.

The LG V30 does take a little cue from Samsung S8. The upcoming device also comes with dual curved edges. The feature makes for maximum screen maximization.

Why should people wait for the LG V30?

The question is why not? LG deserves the credit for it. The company’s smartphones are well-made and boast of quality. However, it is still not as big as Samsung. LG may not want to be as big but more attention is due.

The official unveiling of LG V30 is scheduled very soon. LG V30’s end of the month market introduction is much-awaited. The first batch of shipment is expected to arrive by September.