Google has released a new screening quiz to diagnose depression and other mental health problems. This test will appear when users search for words that are related to depression. The company will also release the Pixel 2 this year. Here's everything that is known so far.

Google released new questionnaire

A report published in USA Today revealed that one out of five Americans experiences depression in different levels. However, only half of them are diagnosed and get proper treatment. With this, Google has collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to provide a better and easier way to diagnose depression.

Google has announced that they are releasing a clinical depression screening test called the PHQ-9 quiz, which is composed of nine questions. It will appear when users search for depression or other related terms. The questionnaire can be downloaded from the company apps for iOS, Android, and mobile web browsers. Once done with the screening test, the test will provide the users' level of depression and advise them to seek for clinical attention if needed.

The PHQ-9 quiz is clinically validated, and it can assess the individual’s level of depression. They will allow people to me more aware of their condition. Moreover, it will educate them to have quicker access to treatment. It will only be available on mobile for the mean time.

However, Google spokeswoman Susan Candrecha revealed that the company would expand to desktop browsers in the future.

Last year, the company provided more information when users search for particular symptoms like a sore throat or a head ache. It seems that Google wants to give more accurate and helpful information when it comes to medical conditions.

Next-generation Pixel set for release in October

Google is also releasing the new Pixel 2 in October 2017. Since the company released the Pixel and Pixel XL on October 4, the latest mobile lineups are expected for release on October 5, 2017. The upcoming phone comes with two versions, the standard Pixel, and XL.

The Google Pixel 2 features a thinner bezel and a screen with a narrower 2:1 aspect ratio.

The XL version will feature a 6-inch AMOLED display which will be provided by LG. The standard version, on the other hand, has thicker bezels with a 4.97-inch display.

The upcoming device will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 built-in chip and front-facing speaker with enhanced sound quality. It will also feature a 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage that can be boosted up to 64GB.