At the recently concluded Google I/O 2017, the company made interesting announcements related to several products. The search-engine giant made a big push in the visual recognition, and Artificial Intelligence segments, which will directly affect the daily life of customers. In this article, we will provide a digest of the important developments at the Google I/O 2017.

Android Go

Touted to be a trimmed version of full-blown Android, the new Android Go platform is aimed at budget smartphones with less than 1GB RAM and a low-end processor. The new Android platform is designed in such a way that it makes use of fewer mobile data with support for multiple languages.

Google is also planning to release apps with a minimum size for smartphones loaded with Android Go.

Google Lens

Google Lens is scheduled to revolutionize the machine-based visual recognition. With the help of the camera included with the smartphone, you will be able to tap the rich potential of the visual recognition technology. For instance, if you focus at a cinema theater, the Google Lens will automatically display the reviews and ratings on the display. The Lens app will also be able to establish connectivity with Wi-Fi or detecting the parameters of a flower upon focussing on it.

Google Assistant For iPhones

Google Assistant has been pushed to iPhones. Hence, if you are using iPad or iPhone, you will be able to leverage the advantage of the Google Assistant voice-based app to fetch information.

There are reports that Android Pay will be integrated with the Assistant.

Smarter Machine Vision

Going forward, the camera app will provide the capability to remove disturbances from the images captured on the display. The role of the Artificial Intelligence is to enhance the appearance of the dull and noisy images captured during extreme low-light.

Google showcased a teaser during the event, which was captured with a girl playing baseball with a fence. However, the Artifical Intelligence technology has completely removed the fence dynamically.

Android O Beta

Google has announced the launch of Android O beta to testers who are participating in the beta program. However, the beta program is open only if you have access to Nexus or Pixel smartphone.

The highlight of Android O is its ability to save battery life by monitoring the resource usage of each app. If you install Android O beta, you will find significant improvement in the boot time when compared to Android Nougat.

As you can see, Google has made big announcements focussing on improving the life of users to a large extent. The Android Go is one such example, which helps users with low-end handsets to take advantage of the features included with Android.