This year many ios users considered that the jailbreaking era was coming to an end. This was thanks to Apple’s enormous effort for its latest iOS that makes it unattainable for developers to Jailbreak. Another reason why the community of jailbreak is dying is due to the constant release of updates by the tech giant that ended any vulnerabilities that were discovered in the operating system.

Even though Apple’s latest operating system iOS 11 is far away from jailbreaking, a post by Adam Donefeld on Twitter claimed that there are possibilities that iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak could exist.

In the past, Donefeld was known for his contribution tools that allowed users to downgrade their OS to 10.2 for jailbreak purposes.

Jailbreak possibility

On Twitter, Adam suggested that he is working on it. However, when another user asked him for more details, he responded that it still not certain if it will work, but there is always a possibility.

According to a post on Tech Journal, Adam confirmed that an iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak is possible and should be one of the greatest pieces of news that fans received this year. In other words, whether Donefeld is working on it or not, the jailbreak community is still not dead, and there might be some developers who could release it into public in the future.

iPhone X Shipping update

iPhone X shipping estimates continued to improve movement since last week. A post from 9ToMac reported that several users claimed that they got their latest smartphones that should have arrived around November 10-17, dropped as early as November 3. However, some users who were given the shipping estimate of November 17-24 did not receive anything.

The post further claimed that Apple is improving its delivery time. Consumers who expect their latest smartphones in mid-November have been informed that they can anticipate their device by November 8. The reason behind the early shipment is that the company is working on supply constraints which advance the delivery for its consumers.

A user from the United Kingdom, Vinay Vaghjiani, claimed that he got his hands on the iPhone X before the launch date which was set for November the 3rd. This incident happened due to an employee who did not recognize the product was on hold and handed it over to Vinay.

In the meantime, Apple suggested that the iPhone X will be available for pickup in stores. However, it is also supposed that the shops could have limited stocks. It is advisable for consumers to get their hands on the device as early as possible.