The Sims 4” Cats and Dogs expansion pack is now available in some countries. Its players can start downloading the game at midnight on November 10, 2017. It will be released on the same day, but in a staggered pattern across different time zones. The new, highly-anticipated expansion pack offers several unique features which have been requested by the Simmers.

Unlike other “The Sims” expansion packs, the new release will be available in different countries in their time zone. Simmers can have access to the game as soon as they reach midnight in their country.

Among the countries over the world, Australia will be the first to get their hands on the game. Meanwhile, a few hours are left for Europe and other regions with Central European and British Time. For the players in the United States, they have to wait until midnight reaches the east coast.

‘The Sims 4’ Cats & Dogs: tips and how to prepare for the game

“The Sims 4” players should first focus on a few things before downloading the game. They should clear their cache to improve their game performance and experience. With this, they can delete the files that can automatically rebuild in the game.

Since the new expansion pack is a huge update, Simmers should also remove some, “The Sims 4” Mods. They should check if their available Mods are compatible with the new updates and are safe to use.

Before downloading the new game, the players should also back up their Save game in case the Cats & Dogs expansion pack will not perfectly work well.

Build an interesting household

The Sims 4” players cannot create a cat or a dog immediately after downloading the game. They also can't immediately get their hands on the items available in the new expansion pack.

They should first build a house and fill it in with some amazing items. They should start thinking of an interesting concept for their Sim household. They can choose a concept involving a newly wedded couple who want to start a family with a new pet. They can also create a household with an elderly couple who just want to have a dog as a loyal companion.

New expansion pack challenge

Simmers can also look for the different pet-theme challenges for “The Sims 4” Cats & Dogs. These include the cool new Pet Pedigree Challenge. This challenge requires players to create a single young adult sim as a caretaker. They should also create a progenitor cat or a dog in kitten or puppy life stage. The goal is to create a pedigree that encompasses ten generations.