Currently, the Virtual Reality gaming market is evidently dominated by the PlayStation VR. It seems that the Japanese gaming firm has more market share over oculus. However, there have been recent rumors that the Facebook-owned VR manufacturer is currently working on something new for their Oculus Rift platform. The original model was released last year around March. Tech insiders have shared the news that the company is preparing a new version of their VR headset that is allegedly going to wireless. The rumored new model is also expected to carry an estimated retail price of $200.

Price really matters

Bloomberg reports that the incoming Oculus Rift VR headset model will carry a more budget-friendly price. The company plans to market their product as a more affordable choice over the competition and their top-shelf prices. It looks like Facebook is preparing to create a VR headset that is both untethered and cheaper than other Virtual Reality headsets. Just like the Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus headset will not require a PC or a phone in order to run software or to function as intended.

Wireless freedom

The new Oculus VR headset models name is still unavailable but it currently carries the code name “Pacific”. It will supposedly feature a similar design to the current Oculus Rift version.

Furthermore, the new device is going to be lighter than the Gear VR and will is expected to be extremely portable, which easily supports on-the-go gaming. The Pacific will rely on a wireless controller and will ideally be marketed for viewing multimedia, social networking, and playing games. However, despite being more capable than the Samsung VR headset, it will not feature position tracking like the original version.

Virtual Reality on sale

Consumers who are interested in virtual reality gaming can actually take advantage of Oculus’ current sale. The company is currently holding a “Summer of Rift” giving buyers a great deal with around $200 USD worth of discount. They are currently selling the Oculus Rift bundle for $399 USD, which already includes the Oculus Touch motion controller.

Market analysts believe that the Facebook-owned company intends to move some of its inventory to make way for the new Pacific version currently in development. It should be noted that the original headset still requires a beefy PC to run its applications.

Projected release date

The Oculus Pacific currently does not have a specific release date, but it is expected to become available sometime in 2018. However, its parent company opts to keep more details about the successor to the Oculus Rift a secret for now. The new model is projected to compete with the PlayStation VR through its portability and autonomous functionality.