Virtual reality is a craze these days, and every tech company seems to be focusing on creating better VR experiences for customers. However, it must also be noted that VR technology still has a long way to go. Samsung is one company that's pushing the virtual reality experience. According to a recent report from South Korean publication Naver, Samsung is trying to come up with a special Gear Vr headset.

Samsung developing new Gear VR?

Samsung’s VR headsets, dubbed Gear VR, are already available in the market and are quite popular with fans. However, one of the main issues with the current-gen VR headsets is that they do not offer clarity and depth regarding visuals, which can make the virtual reality experiences that much more enjoyable.

Reportedly, Samsung is working on a version of its Gear VR, which will not need to be paired to a smartphone to operate. Instead, it can be worn by the user to experience virtual reality, negating the need for smartphone integration. More details of the next-gen are unavailable, and it is not known how the company will look to achieve this feat.

New Samsung VR headset will have 2,000 ppi pixel density

The new Samsung VR headset is reportedly focusing on a new design and enhanced density. Naver reports that the company is working on a Vr Headset, which will have a 2,000 ppi pixel density. To put things into perspective, the Oculus Rift VR available, which is currently available in the markets has a paltry 460 ppi pixel density by comparison.

Even the latest flagship phones from Samsung, the Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy S8 have pixel densities of 529 ppi and 570 ppi, respectively.

Apart from providing a sharper display, the increased pixel density will have other benefits as well. For instance, some people suffer from dizziness and nausea while watching virtual reality videos.

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Experts claim that exceeding pixel densities of 1,000 ppi will solve this problem and people would be able to keep the VR headsets on without any discomfort.

The Naver report did not indicate when Samsung may unveil the new Gear VR headset or what might be the price of the vastly improved device. However, it is unlikely that the headset will release any time in 2017.

Samsung may launch the device with its Galaxy S9 smartphone in 2018, or it may be revealed at a later date. For now, VR fans can rejoice knowing that the South Korean company is working on providing a better experience on the platform.