Game-equipment developer, Nvidia officially introduced its next-generation Volta architecture for data centers earlier this year. The firm usually has a tendency of introducing graphic processing systems for data centers and big corporations that promise a greater amount of revenue. It is only after that, that NVIDIA pushes its focus on the gaming sector and working professionals. This strategy has helped NVIDIA come a long way towards success, especially against its ardent rival AMD. While the Volta architecture has been unleashed, fans are waiting upon the company to take the wraps off its Volta-based GeForce GPUs.

Rumors and speculations have it that the company is planning on introducing the systems in the third quarter of 2017.

Release date rumors

A report by Market Realist points that the latest Volta-based GeForce GPUs will essentially be launched under the banner, GTX 20-series. Meanwhile, there are several other reports that suggest that the company might introduce the former as a refresh of Pascal-architecture all-together. NVIDIA is expected to follow AMD’s footsteps as the latter also introduce its Radeon 500-series recently in the form of refreshed line-up of Polaris architecture. Nonetheless, NVIDIA has kept showcasing glimpses of its Volta architecture on several occasions. The company CEO, Jensen Huang at the GPU Technology Conference, 2017 released the latest video of Kingsgalive: Final Fantasy XV which was based on Volta processors.

Through this, the viewers realized the power that NVIDIA’s upcoming Volta-based processors hold. The demonstration of Kingsgalive: Final Fantasy XV represented high-quality graphics and photo-realistic visuals.

Since the launch date of NVIDIA’s Volta-based processors is quite close-by, there are a lot of predictions regarding its features emerging online.

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Its predecessor i.e. V100 GPU for data centers, came packed with a heavily-priced HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) and the gaming variant of the same processor packed Micron Technology’s GDDR5X.

Specs of the GPU

Therefore, it is quite obvious that the latest version will be a clear update, if nothing else. Moreover, the company’s V100 data center chip ended up featuring 15 teraflops of FP32 alongside 30 teraflops of FP162.

The system also came powered by 7.5 teraflops of FP64 (64-bit double precision floating point). There is a high possibility wherein NVIDIA might end up transforming V100 data center chip into a gaming product by simply eliminating the FP64 units alongside tensor cores for FP32 units as well. As for the launch-date of NVIDIA’s latest Volta-based processors is concerned, it seems like they might debut by the end of this year or probably during the beginning of next.