Nvidia, the industry’s leading graphics processing unit maker today delivers another driver ready for gaming. It is the Game Ready 382.33 driver from Nvidia Geforce, which is specifically designed for the "Tekken 7" and "Star Trek: Bridge Crew" release. Both of the games are slated to be available on June 2 and May 30.

Optimal gaming experience thanks To Nvidia GeForce

Aside from optimizing both of the games, the new Nvidia driver also features a 3D vision profile for the highly-anticipated "Tekken 7" game. The driver also patched the previous problems like the stuttering issues in other games with the use of its GTX 1080 Ti including the troubles with the driver which caused the blue screen error after the computer system booted to sleep mode.

Other driver fixes are when on multi-display, monitors cannot be put in sleep mode as well incompatibility errors with Norton antivirus.

As usual, Nvidia GeForce has reportedly got its own troubles, but the company always tries to fix them as soon as they can. Unfortunately, it affects either Windows 10 or Windows 7 as well as driver and software specifics.

Another issue is that the "For Honor" and "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" video games do not recognize the refresh setting that is set already in the Nvidia Control Panel if the gamer is using the GTX 1070. Meanwhile, for GTX 1080 Ti patronizers, the memory errors are randomly experienced especially when gamers are enjoying the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" game.

The popular catalog for online games, Steam, is also affected especially its VR division. SteamVR might also crash when the new driver is installed. For the time being as per Nvidia, all of these are mostly caused by over installing the new driver. The best workaround is to remove the GeForce Experience first, then reboot before installing the new driver.

By the way, the new driver is available for download on Nvidia’s company website.

Good news for Australians from Nvidia

Let us end this article on a good note. Nvidia has opened an Australian online store making it available for customers down under to buy directly from the company. Marking this celebration, only two of its drivers are made available, the Titan XP and 1080 Ti.

While it's nice for them to buy these cards directly, Australians are hoping that this will be a start of Nvidia’s business shift in the said region.

There is no doubt that Nvidia GeForce makes a lot of users and gamers happy with the new drivers. Perhaps the company will keep on striving to give PC users what they need.