Google, the search engine giant, revealed on Thursday that it has built a center for cloud computing services in London. This is the second data storage center by Google in Europe, with the first being in Brussels.

Cloud Computing refers to Internet-based computing where we use remote servers on the internet to perform operations on data rather than a personal computer. There are many companies like Amazon and Microsoft that rent the storage, processor, and server required for such services to companies across the world making it easier for them to operate.

Google has also announced that it will set up Data Center facilities in Finland, Frankfurt and the Netherlands. It was revealed by a company’s spokeswoman that as this agreement was made before the Brexit vote so the changes (if any), in data privacy laws of the UK won’t affect this data center’s advantages to other European Nations.

According to the latest trend provided by Gartner, Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure acquired the first and the second position in sales with Google’s GCP at a distant third. Clearly, Google is trying to catch up!

Advantages of the new setup data facility of Google

U.S. based Google revealed that in European cities like London, Dublin, Amsterdam, their round trip latency had reduced up to 80 percent in comparison to the Belgium area where the data center of Brussel is used for these services.

Now with the setup of this London data center, the neighboring states will have higher speed due to the reduction in latency and therefore Google can provide better services.

The Gartner Report also said that by means of deep discounts and exceptionally flexible contracts, Google diverts the customers towards itself. In fact, they have also said that GCP is being preferred over others due to its affordability and better performance.

The analysts predict that the revenue generated by Google’s cloud services is around $1 Billion with the probability of greatest growth among its competitors.

More about cloud computing platforms of various companies

Google’s cloud computing platform, often referred to as GCP is the third largest provider of the internet-based computing services.

Mainly, these facilities of Google are positioned in America and parts of Asia including Singapore and Tokyo.

Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Service) generates a revenue of around $12.2 billion, more than its shopping website and other services.

Microsoft’s Azure has announced a hybrid setup where the customers can run Azure on their own services. This will be very beneficial for places that have low internet connectivity. Apple, another tech giant has announced the location for its first data center being China.

Apple has said that this data center will allow them to work on the speed and reliability of their product. It also fits right with the recently passed law of China that requires foreign companies to store their citizen’s data in their own country.