After Apple released its latest Update for the Macbook Air 2017, consumers are more concerned about the availability of a new version rather than the minor update on its processor. At the recent WWDC 2017 event, it was revealed that the brand's thin laptop has indeed received an update from the 1.6GHz Broadwell processor to 1.8GHz Broadwell processor. Apart from that is the consumer's option to purchase the build-to-order 2.2GHz Broadwell processor.

According to Macrumors, it's unlikely that the Macbook Air will be discontinued by the brand as opposed to previous rumors. Meanwhile, the updated Macbook Air is well underway to the tech market and Apple's official website has also introduced the new version.

Apart from the processor, the laptop's RAM has been updated from 4GB to 8GB. Looking through how the brand capitalized on other models such as the MacBook Pro, the Air is way behind in terms of physical and software updates.

Popularity over the years of its existence

What makes the Macbook Air 2017 click? Consumers are all about the latest version of their current gadgets, but when it comes to the Macbook Air, its unprecedented design concept remains unbeatable. Its technical specifications remain one of the most practical among the rest of the laptop brands. Currently, the model is still supported by consumers mainly because of its thin and elegant design. Its weight, which is estimated around 1.35kg, may not be the lightest today, but it still competes with other brands of a similar design.

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Cost of the new Macbook Air 2017

Budget-wise, the 11-inch laptop was previously sold at $749 and the 13-inch version at $999. It's a steep price for something that has not received a major update but people continue to buy them for the same purpose as the latest models and brands. Macrumors suggested that the steep price could be Apple's way of discouraging consumers from buying the laptop and eventually discontinue its production. Unfortunately for the brand, it continues to post relevant market sales, making it harder for Apple to cease its production.

Overall, the difference between 2015's Macbook Air and the new version today is an expanded capacity and processor. Its technical aspects remain what they used to be; broader bezels and no retina display for the old version. Conventionally propped standard keyboards, touch keypads are not included, unlike the Macbook Pro model.