LG has sent out the Invite for its press event at Ifa 2017, which has inadvertently confirmed the launch of a handset intentionally or unintentionally. The invite hints that the South Korean OEM will be unveiling the LG V30 on August 31 at its IFA event. While the invite does not mention the LG V30 by name, the subtle hint in the form of a V shape on the screen of the smartphone displayed on the press invite indicates the handset is set to debut soon.

Press invite hints at LG V30 launch

The image of the smartphone on the invite shows the handset sporting rounded corners, similar to the LG G6 and having a V shape on display.

This resemblance with the 2017 flagship indicates that the V30 may sport the same display design along with the same aspect ratio. Apart from this, the invite mentions the date and time of the event at the IFA and also the location, which is Berlin, Germany.

According to the invite, the event will take place a few days before the commencement of the IFA on August 31 at 9 a.m. local time in Berlin. Very little is officially known about the upcoming handset although there have been a slew of rumors and leaks about the smartphone. For instance, according to rumors, the V30 will not be sporting the secondary screen that was the USP of its predecessors V10 and the V20.

Rumored specs and features of the impending device

Rumors hint that an essential aspect of the series i.e. the secondary screen has been eliminated in the latest V series handset.

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While there will be no secondary screen on the 2017 model unlike its predecessor, one can expect the handset to sport a display akin to the LG G6. If the LG V30 sports the same display as its sibling, then there would be no requirement for a secondary screen on the handset.

Thus, LG could have skipped the secondary screen due to this sole reason. Previous leaks have hinted that the LG V30 may sport an almost bezel-less look similar to the South Korean OEM’s current flagship smartphone. While the press invite more from the company more or less gives an estimation as to what device will be launched at the event, the August 31 debut date has been speculated previously as well. On June 22, rumors surfaced stating that the device would launch on August 31.

Whether the upcoming handset can live up to consumer expectation as rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the iPhone 8 - also expected to launch in the coming months - remains to be seen. Stay tuned.