A firmware update is on its way to Lg V20 smartphones running on T-Mobile’s network. The update carrying the software version H91810k was rolled out on Thursday, May 25, and comes with Google’s monthly security patch, e911 timer fix, and an array of bug fixes in system stability. The e911 or enhanced 911 feature is a version of the emergency number 911, which assists the dispatchers to find callers location during an emergency call.

The update

The update’s download files weighs 147MB, which makes it comparatively smaller. Since the Software Update for the LG handset has been rolled out over-the-air, it will take some time to reach all LG V20 smartphone users on T-Mobile.

However, if a user does not want to wait that long, he/she can download and install the same manually. While it is true that the update may not be a feature rich one, it comes with the important security patch and a fix for the e911 timer issue.

Things to remember

T-Mobile in its support page advises LG V20 users to ensure that the battery has been charged to at least 50 percent or higher. In addition, the users must also connect their smartphones to strong data and Wi-Fi connections to make the download process a smooth one. It would also be wise to create a backup of important data on a microSD card, external hard drive, or a cloud storage system.

How to download the update

In case the update arrives on your phone via OTA, the download of the files will start automatically in the background.

Once the download is complete, the LG V20 user will be automatically asked if he/she wants to install the update. On the on-screen prompt asking for permission to start the installation process, tap on Install and restart. The handset will automatically reboot itself once the installation has been completed.

Manual download

The manual download method comes handy if a user does not want to wait for the update to come to the phone or the update has not arrived even after a long period of time.

To download the firmware version manually, go to the Settings menu and subsequently the General option. From the General option click on About phone and select Update center. From Update center tap on System update and consequently Check for update. If the update is available it will show up on the screen. The LG smartphone’s system will then ask the user to grant permission for download and once that is over, the user can select the Install and restart to bring the LG V20 up to date.