The official launch of LG G6's successor is months away but rumors of the device have started surfacing. Speculations suggest that the LG G7 would include the Qualcom Snapdragon 845 processor. LG normally launches a new device in the G series at the beginning of the year and the phone is likely to be revealed in the first quarter of 2018.

In the past, mobile phones in the G series included the latest Qualcomm processor, which made the LG devices to compete effectively with rivals. However, the LG G6 launched in February this year during the Mobile World Congress came running on Snapdragon 821 instead of Snapdragon 835.

The inclusion of an older processor surprised many smartphone fans.

Why an older processor on the LG G6? As Samsung co-manufactured Snapdragon 835, reports suggested that the company claimed all stock of the new chip. This led to companies like LG to miss out on the new processor.

Snapdragon 845 for LG G7

Although LG missed out on the latest processor for its first flagship of 2017, latest reports suggest that the company has partnered with Qualcomm to ensure supply of Snapdragon 845 SoC for its 2018 flagship. This means that the first LG flagship of 2018 will include the latest processor available in the market. The inclusion of the upgraded chip will also give LG an opportunity to give stiff competition to rivals such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, and more.

The next-gen Snapdragon processor will be made using 7-nm manufacturing technology. The chip is expected to be 30 percent faster than its predecessor. The chip is also said to offer better optimization and performance in comparison to the Snapdragon 835.

What fans expect to see in LG G7

Virtual reality and augmented reality are making their way to smartphones.

A fast processor is needed to support AR and VR but apart from a fast chip, a mobile phone should also include high RAM capacity. Along with a fast processor, LG fans will hope to see at least 6 GB of RAM in the next-gen phone. The LG G6 sports a 5.7-inch display that offers great viewing experience. LG customers will hope that the LG G7 comes will similar-sized screen.

Being a flagship device, the LG G7 is also expected to include a fingerprint scanner, better camera capabilities, a large battery for long-term usage, and latest the Android operating system of the time. The company has not confirmed any details of the next phone, which means readers should take all rumors with a pinch of salt.