In the tech industry, being dependent on just one supplier is a really bad idea. If anything goes wrong, products will be affected and it could also delay production. Apple also wants to diversify. A recent report claims that Apple is pushing LG to become one of its OLED suppliers.

LG new supplier of OLED display

Samsung has been the sole supplier of Apple’s OLED screens for the iPhone 8. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the flagship phone's OLED screens is one of its most troublesome components, which is why Apple needs the help of other suppliers like LG Electronics.

LG will be supplying 10 to 20 percent of iPhone’s OLED screens in 2019 and 20 to 30 percent by 2020.

Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that LG will be teaming up with thin-film lamination specialist company called General Interface Solution. With GIS and LG’s partnership, the two can create advance lamination of the OLED screens for touch technologies in the future. LG Electronics already has deep integration with Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn.

iPhone 8 colors and features

There is no doubt that iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones to arrive this year. Apple’s flagship phone has a lot of rumors, leaks and concept designs spreading every week. According to a report from Forbes, the company might limit the available colors for its upcoming iPhone 8.

A recent report claims that the smartphone will only be limited to three colors – white, jet black and black. This might also be caused by its controversial cut-out top bezel.

The iPhone 8 represents the tenth anniversary of iPhone, which is why fans are expecting too much from it. The smartphone is expected to sport 3D recognition sensors to improve its security features.

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Users can unlock their phones using their face because the device can detect facial structures. The iPhone 8 might also have a wireless charging feature. The company might also remove the physical home button of the device, but its functions will still remain.

Apple is expected to launch three new smartphones this year – the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

The smartphones might be launched this coming September, which is the company's usual timeframe for introducing new devices. The iPhone 8 is expected to cost more than $1,000. The company might also have a limited supply for the iPhone 8 because of its advance technologies that are slowing down production.