Apple’s iPhone 8 is probably one of the most anticipated smartphones to arrive this year. But until now, the company has not released any official details regarding the phone. This year will mark the tenth anniversary of iPhone, which is why fans and tech enthusiasts are expecting that the company will be making a huge design overhaul for the iPhone 8.

Next Generation Apple Smartphone Delayed?

Tech analysts claim that it would be reasonable to assume that the release date of the iPhone 8 would be a month later, rather than the expected September launch.

It might also be caused by its impressive specs and features that the company is trying to achieve.

Tech analysts Wamsi Mohan and Stefano Pascale claims that the supply chain sources in China revealed that the new technology tucked inside the upcoming smartphone could force Apple to push back the release date. But fans can expect that the device will be ready before Christmas season.

iPhone 8 Might Be Affordable

It was widely reported that the iPhone 8’s price would be reduced by major carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile. These companies would enable iPhone consumers to buy the next-generation smartphone for significantly less than its recommended retail price. But some people do not agree with these reports, because it is a bit odd that the company would allow its premium device to have an inexpensive price.

iPhone 8’s Rumored Specs

Apple's next-generation smartphone is expected to have a wireless charging feature that will enable its users to charge their phones at an estimated distance of 15 feet. It will use a built-in wireless receiver to receive power from a transmitter plugged into a socket. Apple will also add a new and improved dual-lens camera for the device.

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Some rumors claim that it might also have 3D recognition sensors to improve its security features. The device is also expected to have a stunning edge-to-edge OLED display

Recent leaked photos and renders also show that the iPhone 8’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be located on its actual display screen. The company will also be removing the home button.

But fans do not need to worry because the functions of the home button will still be available. The device is also expected to have a longer-lasting battery compared to its previous models.

Apple is also expected to launch two other devices alongside iPhone 8, it will be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Some analysts believe that there would not be a new Apple iPhone launch until 2018. The company has not confirmed any of the reports and fans should take these statements with a grain of salt.