Cars parking (almost) on the sun? Technology has already invented them. However, a car park that can physically find a place for the car, even taking care of it in our place, does not exist at this time.

1. Mercedes automated parking

Parking at the historic mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart will soon become fully automated. However, this is a project on which engineers have been working for some time and has led to first experiments in Japan. The idea is to exploit and simplify the best currently available technology.

'Automated Valet Parking' is the name of the system that will soon be installed in Stuttgart's three-star car park museum, with the collaboration of German Bosch.

The new Mercedes Automated Valet Parking will use the Bosch sensors in the facility, including those in the machines that mount the Remote Parking Pilot. It is a semi-automatic parking system (already on some Mercedes models).

In this way, cars will be placed faster: no traffic jams and fewer emissions (around 20% less) linked to the search for a free seat. Moreover, who knows if, following this step, one day we will have to say goodbye to the parking lessons at the driving school. If the idea gets approved by the authorities, the German car house will look to apply the system to the next cars.

2. Amazon: new sectors in which the US giant could invest

Amazon has the ambition to invest in some new exciting sectors, which scares its competitors. Amazon is an online bookstore that is also specialized in commerce.

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The least that can be said is that it is one of the most successful companies in the world.

However, its main quality is that it is a corporation that has a lot of ambition and is constantly evolving. Let's talk about future projects from Amazon's largest online library.

Amazon's new acquisition

Experience has already shown that you can not buy everything online. Indeed, before acquiring certain objects, it is imperative to see them physically. It is particularly the case for certain building materials or appliances.

Therefore the retail giant became ambitious to acquire the company Sears Holdings, which specializes in the sale of modern devices of Kenmore. By making this purchase, Amazon's goal is to specialize in selling homes and home decorating items.

The other area in which Amazon could invest is banking. It is true that in the past most US banks have been reluctant to associate with the Silicon Valley giants. But today, the mentality has changed. So, the craziest rumors say that Amazon is about to acquire the American bank 'Capital One'.

Whenever the online bookstore giant uncovers its ambitions of expansion, companies that are already evolving in a given sector are frightened. For example, when Amazon announced its intention to go into real estate, Zillow saw the price of its action fall dramatically.

The same applies to the companies Blue Apron and Kroger, respectively specialized in the delivery of meals to companies as well as the grocery store.

3. After 32 years, Microsoft plans to turn the page Paint

Windows 10: Microsoft's graphic editor 'Paint' will soon be replaced by Paint 3D. After more than three decades, Microsoft has just announced that 'Paint' is part of the obsolete software that is not being developed. So, it can be deleted in the next Windows update of Windows 10.

The Paint software was introduced in the first version of Windows, nicknamed Windows 1.0. It was in November 1985. At the time, it was a licensed version of PC Paintbrush manufactured by ZSoft Corporation.

Paint has started as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version. It was not until 1998 that 'Paint' started recording the files in the popular JPEG format.

4. Unicredit hit by hackers!

The first Italian bank announced the compromise of the accounts of 400,000 of its customers. One week after the theft of $ 7 million by a hacker, Unicredit Group, a banking group founded in 1998, announced the Piracy of bank data of 400,000 customers.

The hackers acted in two stages: the first intrusion occurred between September and October last year and the second occurred between June and July 2017. With these two interventions, the pirates had access to personal data and IBANs. In other words, this is customer data relating only to personal loans.