Many people who own a Samsung Gear Vr are probably not too happy knowing that the gadget only supports an ample quantity of VR apps. And this discourages a lot of users, the latest PhoneCast App from Samsung can cheer you up a little bit.

The PhoneCast app

Earlier this week, Samsung’s Sammobile website has announced the PhoneCast app. It is an app to support Samsung’s Gear VR. It aims to deliver third-party apps that are not initially compatible with the Gear VR. Considering that the Vr Headset has a 200-inch screen inside, it’s such a shame if it will not put to good use.

Other than having a ton of videos in the library to enjoy that widescreen inside the virtual reality device, Samsung will also offer online channels to keep the users updated with news and other entertainment videos.

This app created by the people from Samsung will bridge that space between the virtual reality hardware and software. PhoneCast has at least 20 plus online channels that could keep anyone occupied for now. Those channels include YouTube and Hulu.

PhoneCast supported video apps

These are the apps that will be available once you use Phonecast on your Samsung Gear VR: Plex, Vudu, Epix, Hulu, Tubi TV, Crackle, YouTube, NFL, Musically, Kodi, Naver TV, V Live, Kakao TV Live, Smart DMB, Africa TV, Naver Webtoon, Oksusu, Olleh TV Mobile, LTE Video Portal, VLC, Xfinity, Sling TV, and MX Player.

As soon as the Phonecast app is installed, you can start using the Gear VR right away. Once inside the app, you will find a virtual lakeside campground. The place will just be your background since most of the screen will be occupied by the 200-inch screen floating in front of you.

Reminders before use

Note that appropriate Android version is required to make this thing work. But since you are using the Samsung Gear VR, then you are most likely using a recently released Samsung phone. If that is not the case, then you just have to check their FAQ site to check if your phone will get a support soon.

For the best experience, you must have a touch controller.

Usually, this accessory is included when you purchase the Samsung Gear VR. Just in case that you have none, the controller can be purchased from Amazon and other online electronic store.

This version is still in beta, so there will probably be some bugs and glitches through the course of use of this app. As always, use the Gear VR and the app with caution.

If the experience is making you feel a bit lightheaded or dizzy, then you should refrain from using the Gear VR. If the cause is due to longer periods of exposure, take some time to rest.

According to Samsung, there will be more apps that will get included as soon as it passes the beta stage.

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