With the release of the Apple iPhone 8 just a few months away, the company continues to release new information on the technology that drives the new smartphone. The latest patents indicate that Apple is making changes to the technology used in the touch screen technology for the phone screen. The iPhone 8 offers many new features although the price tag may be steep for some as the phone's price tag has been reported to be about $1,000.

Patent changes for the iPhone 8

CNET reported that the new iPhone will get support from two new Apple patents. Apple filed several new patents with the U.S.

Patent Office, and the rumors are that two of the patents filed are for the iPhone 8. The first patent has to do with the wraparound screen. This patent allows for more area of the screen to be available for display and touch. The second patent, biometric fingerprint reader technology, means that the touch ID will be behind the display instead of part of the home button. Previous reports on the technology said that Apple is having trouble with the placement of the display.

iDB reported that Apple was awarded the patents for a 3D scanner, in screen touch ID, and an edge-to-edge display. In all Apple received 56 different patents for their technology. The new screen panel for the iPhone 8 is designed to be folded back against the back surface of the phone.

This allows for a smaller device while creating a larger touch area that extends to the edges. The in touch screen allows for the user to authenticate the device while interacting with it instead of having to use a separate step to authenticate.

New iPhone 8 details emerge from CAD files

9TO5Mac reported that the new iPhone 8 was rendered from highly detailed CAD files, and those files showed some of the latest features of the phone.

These include an embedded Home button, a glass back, and an area for a wireless charging coil. The report, which was released by Endgadget, didn't come directly from the CAD files themselves but from renderings of the CAD files. Although the report was considered confusing in the information it released, it did suggest there might be two different sizes for the iPhone 7S.

Another revelation was that the CAD files only reflected details of the phone chassis and revealed few other details of the new phone. Although the iPhone 8 will be the flagship phone for Apple this year, Apple is also releasing a 10th-anniversary phone.