As Apple prepares to release the iPhone 8 in the fall, new rumors and leaks continue to be released about the new smartphone. Some of the rumors have been proven to be unreliable, as new details emerge about the design and display of the new phone. Apple also announced the release of its Siri speaker, set to rival Google Home and Amazon Echo. Features for the Apple iPhone 8 were recently released that include the technology Apple plans to use in its latest version. Apple is also making a change to the MacBook Pro to challenge Windows 10.

What are the latest iPhone 8 rumors?

Business Insider reported that the leaks for the iPhone 8 include photos that don't show what the new phone will actually look like.

The latest photos that supposedly showed the new phone design were leaked by Benjamin Geskin, someone considered in the industry to be a self-proclaimed gadgets leaker. Geskin posted the photos on Twitter and then later posted that the photos were fake. Many rumors have been released about the iPhone 8 design and technology as Apple approaches its 10th anniversary of the release of the original iPhone.

BGR reported that the leak released by Geskin shed new light on the actual design of the display. Geskin also released a schematic of the phone to show the actual dimensions of the display. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have an edgeless OLED display. It will also include a Touch ID sensor that will be embedded in the display itself. With the release of this new schematic to show the display it is believed that Apple abandoned previous schematics for the display.

The display is rumored to be in the 5.8 inch range, and although there has been speculation that the new iPhone 8 will be the same size as the iPhone 7, recent reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will be slightly larger in height, width, and thickness.

Apple leaks for iPhone 8, Siri, and the MacBook Pro

Forbes reported that Apple has made a change to its screen design.

The revelation came from China's Economic Daily News. The screen will transition into an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. This is currently the same aspect ratio as the Samsung Galaxy S8, released about a month ago. The change allows manufacturers to increase the size of the display while allowing users to hold the phone one-handed. The drawback to this design has been that it requires designers to redesign their user interfaces, which now appear at the top of the screen.

The MacBook Pro received a new chipset from Intel. Apple hopes to compete with Microsoft Windows 10, as Apple seeks to catch up with the latest chipset technology since Windows PCs already contain the faster chip. Apple also plans to release the Siri speaker, with the hope that it will compete with and surpass Google Home and Amazon Echo, since neither offer the sound quality that the Siri speaker offers.

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