Apple has recently released their new iOS 10.3.3 to the general public. It also comes with the latest firmware that attracts users to upgrade their device with new updates and security enhancements.

Will iOS Jailbreak 10.3.2. be released?

The latest iOS 10.3.3 is compatible with any iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch devices. Moreover, it provides a lot of benefits such as the well-developed new security patches that can solve some main issues. It includes problems with the Broadcom Wi-Fi chips that allow malicious users to gain total control of the device.

With the latest iOS release, jailbreak fans are now looking forward to the jailbreak version of iOS 10.3.2. Many of them are now hesitating whether they should update to the latest firmware or stick with the current one until the 10.3.2 jailbreak arrives.

Redmond Pie reports that the latest Ios Jailbreak release has some things to consider. Even if it does become available for download, there is still an important step that users must consider before taking any further action.

Saving the SHSH2 blobs is the key

The most significant part in jailbreak is to make sure that the users secure their SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.3.2. To do this, they must save the iOS blobs while they are still on the 10.3.2 version.

While saving the blobs, the users can go through the process of upgrading their firmware. With this, they have the chance to go back to iOS 10.3.3.

How to save the SHSH2 blobs

Jailbreakers can utilize the Tsscheker, a new tool released by the iOS developer Tinker Tihmstar. It basically allows the users to save their SHSH2 blobs.

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To save the blobs, users must secure all the necessary items such as a Lighting cable and Usb Cable. They must plug their device into the computer with the USB cable and launch iTunes. Once it appears, users must click on the Summary Tab and type in the Serial number until they see the ECID number of their device. After securing the ECID number, they must copy it directly to the clipboard.

If they are using the MacOS Sierra or any device with an iOS 10, the ECID will be available when the Universal Clipboard app is activated

In saving the iOS blobs, Apple device users must also secure their device's identifier. They can find this through using the same process. They can also click on the Serial number to see their device's model identifier.

After getting the ECID number and Model Identifier, they must go over to They must put the ECID and type the model number found at the Identifier segment. Once both the ECID and MI are keyed in, they just have to click the submit button. This will direct users to the result page that will give them access to the saved blobs.