Apple is expected to launch the highly-anticipated iPhone 8 this fall and the smartphone is expected to hit the shelves later this year. The tenth-anniversary handset from the Cupertino-based company has been in the news for a very long. People have been busy speculating on every aspect of the upcoming mobile phone.

Now, just months away from its launch, leaks of the purported smartphone continues to do the rounds on the internet. However, amidst all the rumors pertaining to the iPhone 8, people seem to have completely forgotten that the company is also supposed to launch two other handsets in the market this year, namely the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

Now, a new leak has surfaced online which allegedly shows the final schematic of the iPhone 8 along with the iPhone 7s Plus.

iPhone 8 leaked schematic

The dimensions of the iPhone 8 have been revealed through the leak. It shows that the upcoming flagship device will measure 143.4 x 70.77 x 7.51 mm not including the bump of the dual camera which is housed on the rear side. The Leaked Schematic also reveals the vertically aligned dual rear facing camera and the absence of a Touch ID sensor. This may indicate that Apple has found a way to incorporate the fingerprint sensor under the phone's display. Prior reports from an Apple supply chain analyst have also attested this fact.

The image also shows the edge-to-edge display which has long been rumored and is all but confirmed to be present in the upcoming flagship smartphone.

The display will be OLED according to the speculation. This will be the first time that one of the iPhones will feature an OLED screen and not a regular LED display.

Leaked schematic of the iPhone 7s Plus

The upcoming phone's schematic indicates that the device will possess dimensions of 158.38 x 78.1 mm compared to the iPhone 7 Plus’s 158.2 x 77.9 mm.

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This indicates that size wise both handsets will be quite similar and the upgraded iPhone 7s Plus will house the same design aspects as seen in its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus. Nothing out of the ordinary is visible in the next-gen handset's design, and most of the changes in the device seem to be internal rather than external.

However, the veracity of these leaked images is circumspect, and thus iFans should take these reports with a grain of salt. Although there have been talks of delay, latest rumors suggest that Apple is still planning on the September launch of the iPhone 8. For now, people will have to wait and watch what Apple does next.