The Taiwan-based Quanta Computer has been Apple’s primary manufacturer for its wearable devices, the original Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2. The computer manufacturing company is once again the main supplier of Apple for the Apple Watch Series 3.

DigiTimes has cited that Quanta Computer is expecting to see an increase in earnings in the second half of 2017. The expected increase in revenue could indicate that the company could ramp up the production of Apple Watch Series 3, and the wearable device could probably roll out later this fall.

One of the device’s biggest features is the cellular connectivity.

Value Walk reported that this feature would be a step forward for the new device, as the current wearable device still requires an iPhone connection to receive and send data.

Device to send texts and make calls

Being able to use a wearable device and leave the smartphone at home would be an advantage to fitness fanatics and individuals who don’t need to bring their smartphone at all times. With the new wearable device having a cellular connectivity feature, the device could send texts and make calls without the need of a smartphone.

The upcoming device could also stream Apple Music, but with an added data plan. The wearable device might not arrive with any major visual upgrades to its design, keeping the same case and band design that the tech company has offered since 2015.

The new device is expected to be up for grabs with a camera. Wherein, the wearable device could be capable of FaceTime. The device is also anticipated to come along with a MicroLED, sleep tracking (can be good for diabetics), glucose monitoring and respiration sensors. According to Christian Post, the Cupertino based tech titan is looking into smart bands, which might bring in a built-in camera.

Wearable device for selfie-takers

People who are big selfie-takers might be delighted with the camera of the device. Users will no longer reach for their smartphone when they want to capture the perfect selfie. Although it’s not a huge feature, it could entice some people to purchase the device.

The wearable device could be available in fall 2017, even though the company already has their focus on the iPhone 8.

Nevertheless, the tech giant rolled out the Series 2, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus within the same September timeframe. In spite of that, Apple has yet to officially announce the price, release date, specs, and features of the Apple Watch Series 3.